TBM 940 & TBM 910 — What’s the difference?

I’ve recently been researching the TBM 940, and the TBM 910. I have noticed that the 940, 930, and 910 each have 3 windows on the left, and 4 on the right. I also researched their length, and the 910 and 940 have the same external dimensions, in almost ever way. What exactly is the difference between them? Thanks!

I wasn’t sure whether or not this should be in #general or #real-world-aviation, so if I need to change it, please let me know. Thanks!

To my most basic knowledge, the TBM-940 is just like an ‘updated’ version of the previous aircraft. One key feature is the auto throttle. I saw a video on this a while back, I’ll dig through and see if I can find it.


Thanks! I was wondering if that was something. I also saw differences in the gear doors and instruments, but was confused because there was no size difference…

The avionics are the main (if not only) differences


Here is the video:

It’s slowly described through the video the new features. Also very interesting seeing the cockpit in action irl

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TBM 940 now has an “emergency autoland” function.
When the pilot is incapacitated, it can land the A/C on the nearest suitable airport without any input. Crazy.

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I will watch it. Thanks for the info!

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