TBM-930 World Tour!

Hello IFC!

I am planning a TBM-930 World Tour!

We will be starting tomorrow at 2300zulu with our first flight out of Juneau Intl headed to Vancouver Intl. If this is something your interested in drop a comment or just pm me.


So I have decided the first leg of the world tour will be from Juneau Intl. (PAJN) to Vancouver Intl (CYCR). We will be taking off tomorrow around 2300Z

If you want to reserve a spot feel free to post here or DM me.

Flight plan: PAJN 5822N/13442W BARLO RADKY 5803N/13426W 5628N/13306W LVD YYD 5223N/12511W TRENA 5016N/12406W QUODY MUZON KEINN AQUIN CEESE CYVR

Altitude FL290
MACH .56
EST Duration 2hrs
Maintain 3NM seperation

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