TBM-930 veers to left

MaxSez: @Sashaz55@Luke_M hit the nail on the head, the “Boldmethod” clip answers the mail. Wind is a miner factor for a left pull in a propeller driven reciprocating engine. Torque caused by the propellers right turning design cause a natural left pull. Luke’s clip explains the complete aerodynamic phenomena …
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( Note: a deflected aileron Is the primary control surface, the rudder is is secondary to correct lateral deflection/torque)


Propeller torque can be one of the most prominent left turning tendencies. It is most pronounced when the airplane’s airspeed is low and the engine is operating at a high power setting.

American made airplanes’ propellers rotate to the right from the perspective of watching it inside the cockpit. Though there are variances based on the horsepower of the engine, the size of the propeller, and the size of the airplane, the torque that the airplane’s engine exerts on the propeller is very large in any case.

Because of Newton’s Third Law of motion, the force that the engine exerts to rotate the propeller (the torque) is met with a reactive force that is exerted back on the engine, and therefore the entire airplane. Since the ground (which absorbs this force before flight) is absent after takeoff, this reactive force presents itself in the form of a left roll/yaw moment in flight.
So as your prop turns right, it put greater downward force on the left wheel making you veer to the left.


Hey this has happened to me before try this

Recalibrate your IF app when in flight so the yoke doesn’t unintentionally go left or right

Also you may want to restart the app

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