TBM-930 veers to left

Hi I am trying to take off but it keeps veering to the left and this only happens right on takeoff it is fine on taxi.

Make sure that your A/P is not turned on (the heading or the NAV)

No it is not @Claudio

Most likely wind. Apply rudder

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Try using some rudder pressure to stay on the centreline -

The article below explains why this happens quite well;

Same with this topic:

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Wind is probably the problem. Always use rudder to counter the wind like @Luke_M stated.

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Are you moving your device after you calibrate it? @Sashaz55

The winds are calm I was at NZWN

Even the slightest amount of wind could cause you to veer off the centerline.

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And I was applying rudder just it was uncontrollably to the left.

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After you calibrate for take off, are you moving the device?

Well, if you still stick to your point that wind wasn’t the factor, do you think you can send us your replay via sharemyinfiniteflight.com?

Yeah will do now.

Apply right Rudder, nobody likes what Torque does. Keeping the ball in the middle, increased performance, since IF Doesn’t have a turn coordinator, recommend keeping the FPV Central.

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Here it is. https://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/download?c=GHTAXIQABS

It happens at 5:57

Also try turning off ground coordination in your settings. That can make a difference when taking off.


Your ailerons are indicating full left bank. Your calibration was either crazy or your AP HDG was turned on.


It is cause of all the left turning tendencies so use right rudder to counteract the problem :)

Don’t know what I did differently but it isn’t happening anymore.

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