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I am looking without success for the Takeoff & landing specs for the TBM 939 in infinite flight for given weight i.e. fuel/passengers/cargo so that I can achieve better takeoffs & landings. I managed to find for the 737-800 which the parameters for given weights which really helps you nail em, but nothing seems to turn up on the web for TBM 930 ?.
Can anyony please help.

Hi there!

Take a look at this topic:

It includes most of the aircraft currently in Infinite Flight including the TBM-930 (info below):

Load % Takeoff Power Setting Takeoff Flaps Trim Rotate
25% 90% Flaps TO 10% 85kts
50% 100% Flaps TO 10% 90kts
75% 100% Flaps TO 10% 95kts
>75%*** 100% Flaps TO 10% 100kts+
Load % Landing Power Setting Final Approach Speed Landing Flaps Trim Flare
50% 45% 90kts Flaps LDG 20% 85kts

The average Takeoff pitch should be an average of 15’ positive or less. (2,300+ VS)

The average landing pitch for this aircraft should be about Half to 1’ Degree.

Suggested Youtube Video:

TBM-930 Takeoff Tutorial

TBM-930 Landing Tutorial

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Thanks Bennyboy :)

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No problem! Alway happy to help!

Can you by any chance Elaberate on the landing example the load column is just %, unlike the Takeoffs which give several load percentages ( which I assume is percentage weight difference between actual take off weight to mtow ( max take off weight). Surely when landing your actual landing weight will differ, only weight that will go down is final fuel load after burnt fuel. So landing with say 20% load will be different to landing with 50% load.

Hope I’m making sense.

On the TBM - from my experience flying it, landing speed is negligibly affected by weight

OK, that’s good. Thanks for that Bennyboy.

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