TBM 930 to Denmark, Western Australia

Flight in the TBM 930 from Jandakot Airport in Perth flying south to Denmark, flying on the coast for the first half of the flight. flying past the Busselton Jetty before heading direct to Denmark.

Aircraft: Daher TBM 930
Callsign: VH-DZE
Server: Expert
Flight time: 59 minutes
Cruising Altitude: FL200


Those photos are fantastic! 😍

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Thank you so much

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Great photos, but this does not follow the community rules for the #screenshots-and-videos category. Max amount of photos is 10.

Oh ok I will remember for next time

I have taken out some pictures, and left 10 of the best pictures

Hang on… Denmark? Yet not in Denmark? πŸ˜‰


Yes there is a Denmark in Western Australia

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415.9Km south of Perth

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Very nice shots!

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