TBM 930 size

Is TBM 930 a light aircraft?


utility light aircraft

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Nope, in Infinite Flight light aircraft is only C172, SR22, XCub, Spitfire Mk VIII and P38. No mention of the TBM as you can see


The TBM is not considered a light aircraft in Infinite Flight.

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Wait, why is that so? I wanna know

Not sure why, you’d have to ask the devs. Incidentally, the C208 is not considered a light aircraft as well, in IF

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Yep, I can’t explain. The heavier Twin Otter (not in game) is still a light aircraft so why isn’t the lighter C208?

I would guess it has something to do with the remark “no light aircraft accepted at this time” so users can still fly some of the faster props into bigger and buisier airports. But I’m not sure either, it just is the way it is

The TBM and C208 from memory are not counted as a light aircarft because they can be used for Commercial and Private flying into big airports

Yeah, but that doesn’t mean it does not fulfill the weight requirements for a light aircraft.

As the name implies, the most accurate parameter for determining a light aircraft is weight. By definition any plane lighter than 12500lb MTOW is considered light.


Yes, the TBM is not considered a light aircraft in Infinite Flight but it is in real life aviation.

The TBM and C208 are not considered light aircraft in Infinite Flight because of their speed. These aircraft can fly into busy commercial airports with significantly disrupting the flow of jet traffic around them.


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