TBM 930 - sharp banking in AP NAV mode


I’ve noticed that the TBM 930 autopilot executes very sharp banking manoeuvres when changing course in NAV mode.

Does anyone else experience this issue?

I guess this is not a realistic behaviour, I’m pretty sure that at least some passengers would complain ;-) Maybe this can be fixed in a future airplane model update.


Yes, it’s a bit known and on our to do list to improve over time :)


I believe it’s just a normal situation for the Autopilot in

Vote for less aggressive turns here!

Oop sorry Seb.


Thanks @schyllberg and @Ecoops123 for your quick replies! Ok, I see that this is a well known issue which is already on the developers’ radar :-)

Ok. In the case of sharp course changes in the flight plan, another option I found, is to switch to heading mode shortly before reaching the fix. After performing the turn gradually with the heading bug, switch back to NAV mode. A bit cumbersome I admit, but keeps your passengers happy ;-)


Also apart from what is said above, try having a lower speed when flying steep turns so that the plane doesn’t jerk too much.

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I was just going to post something about this but I’m glad it’s already been addressed. I love the TBM and it’s my main aircraft, but I just thought the aggressive turns are quite unrealistic.

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