TBM - 930 Registration Discrepancy

Today I noticed that the registration on one of the TBM - 930 liveries, “N930DH” is inconsistent on the outside and in the cockpit of the aircraft.

On the exterior of the plane, the registration reads as “N930DH,” which reflects the real world TBM - 930 wearing this livery. However, in the cockpit, the registration appears as “N930BV,” which is not an aircraft, according to the FAA.

I didn’t put this in Support , as it’s not exactly a technical glitch, but I feel it should at least be noted internally somehow, even if it’s a low priority item. Other issues like this have been rectified in the past.


This is a bit of an older aircraft. Newer aircraft reflect the registration as seen on the outside. Likely not something on the radar anytime soon as there are other exciting things on the way.


Wow has it really been this long since the TBM released? Dang, I remember it as yesterday. What was it, 2019?

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So the interior is default across all TBM liveries? It displays the same registration on the dashboard?

Yes, it is all the same across the board.



I feel old.


Good god… That means I first flew the TBM on my old account.

Anyways now im off topic haha

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Am i the only one who absolutely loves the TBM?

Guilty as charged:|

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I’m guessing you won’t tell us much😋

do IF interior registries now change to match the aircraft livery? I always thought the interior stayed the same across all liveries

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