TBM-930 Range

At some time in the next week, I will attempt a 7 hour and 15 minute flight in the TBM. I’ve seen many people do 5 hour flights, and I did a six hour one from DCA (Washingtin National) to ASE (Aspen Pitkin) with 70 lbs of extra fuel. That was due to major winds over the Midwest. As I am attempting a 'round-the-world flight starting and ending in DCA, I want to keep the flight as parallel with the equator as possible, and the only way to do that westward is via Hawaii, Kahului being the closest city to San Clemente Island. Is the flight from KNUC to PHOG possible in the TBM, or is there any way to be able to do it with a glitch or something?

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We’ve got coast guard with medics on standby.

Good luck on your journey. 🤞


In the middle of the Pacific ocean?

That doesn’t answer my question.

Here is the flight plan:

Well, I recommend going when there is a decent tailwind.


@baseball_inferno I just checked the estimated flight time for the TBM on IF, it says 5 hours 25 minutes. Your flight is 7 hours. So I’m not really sure, maybe it will work if you catch the tailwind like @Niccckk said.

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That flight time given by fuel is only for if you fly at full power. This will be at about 60%-75% power.

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The max range for the TBM is 1730 NM. Your flight is about 2200 NM. I don’t think this is possible unless you have a 100+ knot tailwind at least

I’m about to attempt this in the next couple of days actually, from PHTO to KHAF (2005nm). My understanding, is that if you have a very strong tailwind (which you can check with Windy), it’s possible. Right now, winds are terrible for the hop at FL300. I’m not entirely sure what sort of Tail Wind you need to be safe but I know it needs to be strong as you’re making up 300nm over a few hours.

I’ve got a Plan A and Plan B for what I’m going to try. My plan is to fly 1/3 of the way out towards California and at the point check my fuel. If winds are favorable and fuel burn looks acceptable I’ll make the attempt. If not, Plan B will be that I’m going to turn back and hop North to the Aleutian Islands. Depending on which way you’re flying, you could head south again through Russia, Japan, etc or if you’re traveling east, head down that North American Pacific Coast.

The only unfortunate part of that is that it does pull you away from the equator.

You might also find page 37 of this useful.

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