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I mean all the planes I listed still fly except for the Concorde. Buffalo flies the Dc-3 and other props

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A ton of 3s still fly, I use to work on them a year ago


Well then your idea might be onto something! For now, I just think that the community wants newer jets rather than older historical jets. The Concorde is a big iconic one though, so I think a lot of people would love to see that!


Honestly I think everyone is way too sensitive about upseting the devs on this forum…

People on here seem very intimidated by them lol- not sure why.


Cough A350 cough


Thank you for making this poll. I think it does a great job of highlighting how much more interested the community is in airliners compared to GA. Imagine if you proposed 10 new airliners vs 2 reworked GA aircraft lol. But even reversed airliners still won.

If you look on live flight you’ll see that there aren’t many TBMs flying around anymore. And it was just introduced, imagine in a few months… I bet it’ll nearly be extinct.

I understand that they want to push the sim in a particular direction by adding GA aircraft. That doesn’t mean we’ll fly them though ;)

If they add the 777-8/9, A350, A220 or rework the A330 they will become the workhorses of IF. The sky will be absolutely full of them. The fact is, the vast majority of users operate airliners. And that’s not due to a lack of good GA aircraft.


What? I’m not upset about bringing my opinion to the table.

What I said is unrelated to you bringing your opinion to the table so I’m not sure what you mean. I’m just pointing out that you seem very concerned about the devs opinion.

My post was in response to you telling that guy to keep it positive or else he’d be flagged. What’s the problem with him bringing his opinion to the table?

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I’ll explain later as I have school right now.

It’s kinda obvious already. Almost all of us want AIRLINERS lol

The polls will be closing in 4 days. Cast your last-minute votes now if you haven’t already!

Just about 12 hours until the polls close! Last chance to cast your votes!

I appreciate this poll - just reiterates the fact that the community is not being listened to by the devs - the devs aren’t giving us what we (as a whole) want

As a reminder.

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