TBM 930 overspeed warning at 260 kts

I’m getting an overspeed warning at 260 kts when flying the TBM 930 at FL 170. Everything I’ve read about the TBM 930 says the max cruise speed is 330kts. Does anyone know why an overspeed warning is appearing at only 260 kts when I am well above 10,000 feet?

I have never heard that be the case. Usually I would cruise around 253kts when I get above 10,000ft

Google tbm 930 cruise speed for many references to 330kts.

I guess it’s the Ground Speed instead of Indicated Air Speed

Ground speed and Air speed are not the same
TBM Maximum Ground speed is 330kts, the maximum Air speed is 260kts.

As you can see in the bottom left, im at 260kts Airspeed and 337kts which is higher than the max speed, so i recommend you to keep it in 250kts Airspeed aprox.

Hope it helps, have a good day :)

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Very helpful. Thank you.

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