TBM-930 on a figure 8 departure from LOWI

A TBM 930 executing the first loop of a figure 8 departure from LOWI to gain altitude for a departure to LFLB. I can’t remeber which SID this is but it’s a fun way to roll out. Also a fun departure into the evening sunset.


Super cool photo! The sunset background is 👌🏼


@Socata_1. MaxSez: a “Figure 8” Departure? The term eludes me! Please enlighten me?


You know it’s an awesome picture when 2 of the coolest people reply to them 🔥😍


Wow that’s great can I save it?

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@Maxmustang You got me. It’s not an official term that I’m aware of. It does seem to be the figure you draw though as you depart LOWI If you head west off of runway 26.

Here is the SID chart.

I’ll try to refrain from unofficial made up Kaleb language in the future ha ha…

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@Socata_1… MaxSez: Had to pull your chain Kaleb…
“SID 26 Procedure extract LOWI. Proposed Early Turn Procedure:
Climb visually with maximum gradient on RWY track. At D1.2 West “OEV turn RIGHT and climb on 273^ along the Northern side of the valley. Not later than at D3.3 West OEV turn LEFT and join LOC OEJ and continue climb along LOC OEJ to RTT NDB.
Unless a detailed obstacle survey allows/requires another turning altitude, the required climb gradient is 6.1% to achieve an altitude of 3200’ at D3.3 West of OEV, which may be considered as sufficient altitude for a safe LEFT turn with a maximum radius of 1800m. Due to ACFT mass and associated climb performance of less than 6.1% one engine inoperative climb it may be required to design an alternative contingency procedure along the Western part of the Inn valley.”END

Hell of an at dusk, climbing/turning departure in a valley whatever you call it. Do nice work! I saved the pic, great shot.
Regards, Max


Wow. Amazing photos.

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