TBM-930 not a light aircraft

Would be nice if I could reply ‘check your manual’ to ATC when told no light aircraft accepted ;-) A TBM-930 is not considered a light aircraft. Maybe ATC instructers could point this out again to the new ATC’s?
Keep up the good ATC work, girls and guys and thank you for doing ATC.


Hey there, assuming that this took place on the Expert Server, it would be preferable if you could send a message to the controller who you encountered this issue with. Unfortunately, without knowing who it is, IFATC members can’t do very much about this issue. Not to mention, it should be common knowledge that the TBM-930 and Cessna C208 Caravan are not light aircrafts, perhaps a point that’s probably even tested on the written portion for those joining IFATC.

Nonetheless, speaking to your controller about it should definitely clear the air up a bit more.



You flew on my frequencies earlier at VTBS with that aircraft…

Hope you are not talking about this flight cause I didn’t restrict anything…neither in my ATIS or with your requests…

Hope you had a nice flight 😕

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Thank for your response. Yes I pm the controller at VHHH this morning but I wanted to notify guys like you too. I’m confident now that it is something you make new ATC’ aware off. No harm done of course but just a shame I could not make the flight at that time though.

No worries, was at VHHH this morning.

We appreciate you notifying us, however, the best way to do it is to privately include an ATC Moderator (Drummer or JoshFly8) in the private message and they will appropriately handle the situation. Making a post publicly might be perceived as shaming the controller.

Rest assured, there will also be plenty of ATC Supervisors actively monitoring active controllers to ensure that the quality of controlling is being upheld at all times.


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