TBM-930 no light aircraft

Please controllers, a TBM-930 is not a light aircraft! I’m glad the majority of controllers are aware that a TBM is not a light aircraft but at least two times a week I am banned. Was looking forward taking off at WSSS this night but … nope. The airport was not even crowded so I don’t understand the restriction anyway.
That beeing said: you do a great job! Thank you for that.


I’ll just answer to that,

THE APPROACH SPEED, if a TBM is sequenced in front of an A350 the distance separating the two aircraft will have to be larger, reducing efficiency.

Hey there @PHMEL,

Mind sending me a message with timestamps and/or controller names? I’ll have this addressed for you.

You can easily approach at 150-160 knots in the TBM, it decelerates very quickly on final approach and creates no problems


You can’t deny a TBM for being a light aircraft. You treat it similar to a Dash-8 and build in more spacing or loop it in on a short final. As the OP stated, not a light aircraft, so can’t be denied for that reason.


I have send an email to the controller, this should be enough. I posted the topic hoping more controllers take notice.
Thanks for your response.


Just a recommendation(dont flame me thanks)
Takeoff from Seletar and fly over Changi(I did it many times)

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