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Hey IFC! I was wondering what is the most realistic climb, cruise, and decent speeds for the TBM-930. I’d also like the best mach speed as well. Thanks!

I don’t know off the top of my head, but this website has some stuff about it

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I’ve found that maximum efficiency is about M 0.56 in IF, and somewhere between FL250 and FL290. I can’t be 100% certain as I only did limited testing but I was able to get about 5hr 30m out of this setup flying from CYYT to EGLL.

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All I know is cruising speed, according to Tyler, 205 KIAS when under FL280, and mach 0.55 when above FL280

Have you looked at the TBM 930 Operating handbook online? In section 5 are the performance figures. You can find that information there. It depends on the weight so you can’t always get an exact speed.

I actually have some numbers and I wanted to see if it’s realistic:

TBM-930 Speeds

SL 237kts
5000 232kts
10000 227kts
15000 222kts
18000 219kts
20000 216kts
21000 215kts
22000 214kts
23000 213kts
24000 212kts
25000 211kts
26000 210kts
27000 208kts
28000 204kts
29000 200kts
30000 196kts
31000 192kts

M0.55 above FL280

Climb and descend at 200kts

TO - 178kts

LDG - 122kts

Those are a little off


That seems awfully fast.

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That’s real world takeoff flap speed limit.

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Thank you for this!

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