Tbm 930 hmlc

Hi TBM lovers,
I used to jump in the TBM like one would in one’s car for a spin. Still, reading through the official POH, I realized that it is worth taking some time to go slightly beyond the thumb rules, particularly for short runways, long trips, high altitude or other heavy days with 6 PAX on board…

The following HMLC gives a lot of values, once fed with a few ones, including :

  • All V speed
  • Required TO/LDG distance
  • Max climb rate @ 124kt and 170kt
  • Final approach and touch down speed

All values are interpolated from those given in the POH.

Of course, this app is more comprehensive and pro:

But you might want a somewhat simpler calculator!

Anyway, would be happy with some feedback about this little file.

Happy flying!