TBM-930 || Group Flight over NZ!

I posted these screenshots a couple of weeks ago on the old thread but I don’t think it will hurt anyone if I share them again here on this new category :)

I took them on the Expert Server during the weekend I think when NZ had ATC available. I was with @Neeson52 and he made a very good flight plan that allowed us to enjoy the scenery more (we didn’t do a direct flight to our destination and we took a little detour on the East coast). We took off from an airport that I can’t remember the name but it was in the mountains with stunning view all around us.

For those who are asking on which device this was taken, I used my OnePlus 6T. The screenshots haven’t been edited at all believe or not…
Before I played on a Galaxy S6 but having a brand new device and being able to set all the graphical settings to the max made me feel that I was playing a new version of Infinite Flight (same feeling when the Global update was released! ).


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Beautiful pics! New Zealand will always be one of the prettiest places in the world

Great shots!

Cool images indeed

Ha three years later

It’s a welcomed trip back down memory lane!