TBM-930 Exception to light aircraft rule

I like flying the TBM on expert server to various airports, I’m probably one of the few people on this game who actually flies GA on expert. That being said, it’s frustrating checking ATIS before each flight and 85% of them don’t allow light aircraft.

I understand why, because the C-172, Caravan, and X-Cub are all painfully slow and not ideal when there’s a lot of traffic going double whatever they’re flying. But on behalf of the game itself, the TBM can go up to 280 knots, so why should it count to the “no light aircraft accepted” rule? Especially when you take into account that every aircraft in that airspace is already going >250 in Bravo/Charlie airspace anyways (likely less).

(Side note: yes, I’m aware that in real life GA rarely get let into Class B airspace mainly for the purpose of speed.)

Not every ATIS mentions no light aircraft.


Just want to clarify that the TBM is not actually classified as a light aircraft, ATC should be letting you fly the TBM if it says no light aircraft in the ATIS

Not sure if this answers your question but hope I helped!

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Yeah but like I said, most of them don’t, which is why it’s frustrating for flying from controlled tower to controlled tower, like how most people do.

Wow, I wasn’t aware of that, thanks for the helpful reply! I haven’t even tried in weeks if I already know what’s on the ATIS. One ground controller however told me to check ATIS at the gate, so maybe not all of them know about it.

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As per the ATC manual, for the purposes of IF, “light” aircraft are defined as the C172, SR22, XCub, Spitfire Mk VIII and P38 only :)


In fact, it is a light aircraft:

A light aircraft is an aircraft that has a maximum gross takeoff weight of 12,500 lb (5,670 kg) or less


MTOW 7.394lb is well below 12.500 lb


Thanks everyone, I’m going to try and close this out now. I didn’t even verify ATC manual before making this anyways.

They mean that only for IF, not real life I’m pretty sure. I have no doubt in real life that it is a light aircraft.

IF-LLC always try to be as close as posible to reality. What the volunteer ATC controlers do is a different thing. May be you want to take the topic to #atc to raise awarenes. In addition you can try to contact individual Controllers via IFC to ask them if you could come with a TBM despite their decission stated in ATIS.

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That guy was literally an ATC supervisor though and said what was on the manuel.

Sorry I must have miss-worded my point, I meant to say that it is not classified as a light aircraft as per the ATIS if no light aircraft are allowed.

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In-app we have a defined set of light aircraft and the ATIS command for denying them will be enforced uniformly by controllers as and when required. Any aircraft outside of the list below are permitted to be flown at airports where “no light aircraft” are in effect.


Thanks for this clarification.


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