TBM 930 Erratic on T/O and Landing

Love the TBM flight model. Problem is that it usually suddenly veers off the runway, usually to the right, a couple seconds after takeoff or when landing. This occurs regardless of the wind. Is there an adjustment I can make to resolve this. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Many thanks.

Have you tried turning off auto coordination found in the settings and using rudder to correct for this?


You need to use the rudder to stay on the center line. The wind catches the tail and starts turning the plane.

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Aldo make sure you have 10% trim with takeoff flaps set. Should set you up nicely. Wind can easily effect you though so keep your rudder in place to counteract the winds particularly if there are any crosswinds.

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Torque effect: As you throttle up your engine for takeoff, the right-turning direction of your engine and propeller forces the left side of your airplane down toward the runway. When the left side of the airplane is forced down onto the runway, the left tire has more friction with the ground than the right tire, making your aircraft want to turn left. So even without wind in propeller aircraft you may need to apply a touch of rudder to stay on the center. Above case is for clockwise turning prop as viewed from cockpit but some probs turn left so the effect would be a right tendency.


I cannot say for sure if torque effect is built into the aircraft on IF. It sure feels like it.

Yes, I experience this, too, on ALL the planes, ALL of them.

Always happen whenever I set flap on certain angle and reached Vr speed with light enough weight… and the plane really wanted to take off but I delayed my rotation until later.

What’s peculiar though is the veering to the right. Never to the left, always to the right.

Might have something to do with me being right handed? Good idea tho for the suggestion to uncouple the rudder. I might also try to reproduce this effect while tilting my device to the left.

Yep same thing

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