TBM-930 Cruise Speed And Altitude

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What would be a typical TBM cruise speed and altitude. I am going to try and get it over the Atlantic - obviously I will have to stop. Most of the legs will be longer than 1.5 hours so will I be over FL280? What mach should I use?


Mach 0.50 is a good speed to fly it at


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For the future you can find all this info below on this thread.


Oh, forgot about that thread! Thanks!

I did search before posting, for anyone who might say

FL310 is the highest the TBM goes. A good cruise speed for long range is also M55 or 206kts at FL280

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252 knots IAS is the speed Socata gave.

@InfiniteFlightDeck… MaxSez: Wiki is your friend, suggest to research First.
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  • Maximum speed: 611 km/h (380 mph, 330 kn) maximum cruise at 8,534 m (28,000 ft)

  • Cruise speed: 467 km/h (290 mph, 252 kn) long-range cruise

  • Range: 3,304 km (2,053 mi, 1,784 nmi) with max fuel at long-range cruise and 9,449 m (31,001 ft)

  • Service ceiling: 9,449 m (31,001 ft)

  • Time to altitude: 9,449 m (31,001 ft) in 18 minutes 45 seconds

  • Fuel consumption: 208 l/h (55 gal/h; 46 imp gal/h) / 164 kg/h (362 lb/h) at 593 km/h (368 mph; 320 kn) TAS, FL310, normal cruise, at 2,858 kg (6,301 lb)[33]

  • Take-off run: 726 m (2,382 ft)

  • Landing run: 741 m (2,431 ft)


We need the automatic torque for the TBM but yeah, you should get around .55 at max

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Not specifically for this aircraft…but is the red overspeed line actually adjusted for accuracy in each aircraft model being either prop or jet…or should it just be regarded as a general indicator once you reach around 350 KIAS !

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