TBM 930 Celebration @ EGSS - 061700ZOCT18

Server: Training

Airport: EGSS

Time: 1700Z, 1000PT

Date: 06.10.2018

NOTAM: *Good day Pilots,
Today I invite you to a celebration event for the TBM 930 release. This event will be hosted by me @Pilot_M
on the 06.10.2018. We will start at London Stansted Airport and then head to Kirkwall/EGPA.
Come out it any TBM 930 Livery you want for some fun.

No need to ask for a Gate but make sure to only take an empty Gate.


Pilot M

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The title should have 061700ZOCT18. The last 2 digits is the the number of the year without “20”

If you use 06, it would mean it would be in the year 2006.

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