TBM 930 Bottom Camera Bug

Hi yalls!

So I was doing a flight in the TBM, everything normal, when I started my descent, I changed to to Bottom Camera view (Main Gear View) but as I was descending, the camera kept clipping through and spazzing out, its hard to explain, this incident I believe is the creatable, so I’ll try to provide a picture.

Please do, that would be helpful for us. Maybe try restarting your game and your device to fix it?

I’ll do that when I get to the hotel, you don’t want to know what I’ve been through today.

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Could you also provide us with a picture as well? That would better help everyone trying to help out get an idea of what exactly the camera bug is. Thanks :)

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This happens to me in free mode and it just spins. If this is the same thing with you, I suggest sliding your finger in the opposite direction in which it is spinning. That should stop it

^Guessing it’s the same issue

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What I normally do when this happens to me, I just switch to another camera and interact with it. It has worked every time so Have has this problem and I hope it can fix yours. :)

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