TBM-930 Autopilot acts insanely unstable. LNAV / HDG issue. [BUG REPORT]

I’m flying from Baltimore, USA to Paris, France on TBM-930 and this flight gave me an opportunity to spend more time and observe how TBM-930 is simulated in Infinite Flight.

Everything looks great so far but I feel like LNAV mode in the Autopilot is a little bit buggy.
The plane insanely banks left and right at extreme levels in a very short time, fastly, this happens the same if I use heading only on a straight flight.

If I keep altitude on and take yoke to follow my flight plan, everything goes so smoothly as how it should be but whenever I turn on the full autopilot, it behaves extremely odd. I think it needs a fix.

What altitude and speed are you flying at?

Generally, between 230 - 250 knots, it occurs regardless of the altitude or speed, from 3,000 to FL220 I had the same issue.

It’s been like this for some time. Hopefully the devs can get around to addressing it in a future update. Thanks for the report.


The Daher is pretty wonky
I flew a few patterns with it and it had this issue as well

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