TBM 930 A different kind of flying

I don’t know if this is the right place or not, didn’t find anything in my search. Thanks developers for the TBM shout out for the lady in the pilot seat. I am enjoying the TMB because it is a better faster option for leisure flight and the opportunity to discover the smaller less known airports in congested areas. Got a lot to learn about the plane and looking forward to more tutorials


Yes, the developers definitely deserve some praise for this update. I’m glad they decided to make a quality G/A aircraft before re-working the airliners; the G/A line needed an update!

(Btw, just a small thing: it’s TBM instead of TMB :D)


Oh maybe that is why I couldn’t find the topic…lol. Thanks will try to put in correct name.


@John001 I dare you to fly to Hawaii in the TBM from KLAX hehe.

I have been flying this incredibly beautiful machine and must say it’s best airplane in the Sim at the moment. If this is the future… then it’s awesome.

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It won’t be long before all the turboprop GA plane Will be replaced by electric aircraft. But a nice aircraft nonetheless

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That’s a while away with our current tech

The TBM on Fuel can fly 2000 miles without stopping (roughly)

An electric car with a huge battery cell can go 270 mi, at a much lower speed before stopping

We need to increase current battery capacity levels.

But to the main topic, Thanks FDS, I love flying her around Alaska!

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What about bicycles - even slower! And they don’t go as far as the TBM 😀

On a more serious note, the auto-pilot beep keeps waking me up. Can we fix this?


Define “wake up”

Is it constantly turning off?

‘Wake up’…in this case…scaring the 🤭 out of me, each time. It’s loud! 😉


Oh haha, funny, it is very loud, so is the stall horn

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