TayViation Tracking Thread - Manchester Airport (EGCC) CLOSED

Good day aviation enthusiasts!

I am now operating Manchester Airport (EGCC) [Ground and Tower] on the Training Server.

Takeoffs and Landings on RWY 23R
Pattern work allowed on RWY 23L and 23R.

Come and fly by!


I’ll stop by in a few minutes

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See you then!

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Will swing by for some pattern work in about 10 mins if still there 😊

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If anyone wants to leave me some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

You are doing a good job, there is only a little wind that makes landing difficult :)

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Thank you.

If you’re there for a little while, we’ll try that again.
Apart from going wrong on the taxiway, I somehow lost my rudder on landing, hence quickly quit 🙄
You’re part… So far so good 👍


Alright thanks for controlling!
Here’s a few things

  1. Whenever you’re sequencing aircraft, there is no need to say “enter right downwind 23R Number 2, traffic to follow is on right downwind.” You can just say “Number 2, traffic to follow on right downwind.” Just a bit simpler.

  2. On that note, whenever you sequence aircraft, it’s our responsibility to maintain good separation and speed with other aircraft. You don’t need to use things like “maintain slowest practical speed.” Those commands are used so departure aircraft can get in the air.

  3. Right once you sequence an aircraft, go ahead and clear them. It will be one less thing you have to do. Also, you forgot to clear me one time.

  4. Whenever you clear an aircraft for the option and they have been through the pattern once before, there is no need to reiterate “make right traffic” we will do that naturally.

  5. Just remember to SEQUENCE, then CLEAR! That will make your job a whole lot easier.

  6. It would be nice if you gave an exit runway command. I know there are some people that will stay on the runways until you tell them to exit.

Overall you know how to run a pattern well, it’s just these things will more or less help the controller more than the pilots. I hope to see you again soon!


Absolutely. I will be here for a good half hour yet. I saw the landing but with variable winds its understandable.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks very much for that helpful information. I will correct myself on those mistakes, don’t you worry.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon too!

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I think that this information is very valuable for those of us who aspire in the future to become controllers in IF, thank you very much.


Hi there, my callsign was “CIROC”

Few things here:

  • The Pattern entry as soon as I took off isn’t necessary (enter right/left dw) because you already gave us a pattern direction on the takeoff command (right/left traffic).
  • Don’t use speed commands to sequence aircrafts. As soon as you give us the correct sequence the rest is on us.
  • Ground responses were all fast and accurate.
  • Good usage of LUAW command to expedite departures.
  • Transition was wrong. You said 6000ft it should’ve been around at 2500ft and above.
  • When I was overhead the airfield I asked for inbound to landing 23R, I just received clearance. Missed pattern entry and sequence. For the record, it should’ve been “enter right downwind 23R and number 2 traffic is on final” then clearance.
  • Also, if you can send the clearance right after the sequence that’ll be just great because it’ll make things smoother.

If any problem or concern my pm always open
Keep it up,


Thank you very much for this. This seriously helps me out into becoming better at ATCing. I’ll take this info into course so I can work on mistakes.

Thanks for stopping by, and for the helpful feedback!

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if your still open I am stopping by

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I like the challenge, seems I need abit more practice with the 208 in windy conditions 😊, felt more like the 172 in that session 😂

I’m also learning ATC myself, so take my comments with a pinch of salt 😉

It appears you’re taking the comments above onboard, and for me it was good. The only thing I’d question is the transition at 2,500 suggested above, seemed a tad low. The airport being just under 300ft, I thought 500+1500(Jet pattern allitude)+1000(separation). Perhaps someone wiser than me can advise 😊

Also need to check myself if should of requested runway crossing so far away… Didn’t seem right.

Keep up the good work 👍


It didn’t really matter how far away you were, at least you actually requested unlike some players in Training Server lmao.

Thanks for stopping by!

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I would of been inclined to request taxi to parking, then request to cross when at the holdshort line… But previously I got told to check tutorials on expert for doing just that. I guess it depends on the distance between the runways, or perhaps the markings, trying to find a tutorial that explains such…

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This is the only thing I can find

And Mark Dentons video that says the samething, and I’m gonna assume that the above procedure is correct and that the IFATC, that gave the ticking off mistakenly gave the wrong instruction.


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