I dont know if its in the right section since its not only a Live topic. If not sorry

Hello I dont know if this was brought up before but i can’t imagine it hasn’t.

Will Taxiways we added in the future it would bring way more realism to the game and it would make taxing way more challenging than it is nowadays. I heard rumors about gates and buildings on major airports?!? I mean adding taxiway signs cant be any harder than that right?

Or atleast ground signs/numbers?

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None of this is true.

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@Balloonchaser is correct and none of this is true. Feature requests doesn’t mean that they’re going to come. They’re just requests.


Closing to prevent an onslaught of replies.

Yes Taxiways have been requested and can be found and voted on in the #features category.

None of what you have said has been confirmed. Only items posted by FDS staff in this forum and on their social media accounts (twitter, instagram) are considered confirmed. The #features category is a place to gauge the community interest but just because it has a high vote count does not mean it is being developed. The developers may have a plan in mind and some items may need to be developed before others as part of a larger roadmap vision. We try our best to cut down the amount of speculation on the forum as it evolves into rumours and ends up like you have stated.