Taxiways names

Is IF on the path of possibly the correct names for taxiways in the sim. Such as American 120 taxi via Whiskey, right on Bravo 1 to Hotel, hold short runway 14? Just curious if we’ll see something like that in the future?

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Mabye this would intrest you:

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Yes, it’s been confirmed many times that we will have some sort of advanced ground control like that. How it will work is and when it will be coming is something we don’t know, but rest assured it will be coming. When editors edit airports, we have to name the taxiways so that it can eventually be used for taxi routing.


I hope so……!!
That would be off the charts……at its finest!!

If there could be some sort of program that could scan the airport diagrams and see the taxiway letterings, we could have every airport, not just 3D ones have this feature.

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Well I don’t see how that would be accurate, considering how many airports in IF have outdated 2d layouts (and just generally this would be very difficult to pull off). 2 other things to mention are not all up-to-date airports are 3d, some airports just have 2d reworks (and will eventually be made 3d) which includes having taxiway letterings. Also, the goal is for every single airport in Infinite Flight to be 3d so it should eventually work for every single airport.

It does raise the question though if the feature will be any way usable on airports without taxiway connections (my guess is not).

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