Taxiways Markings/Signs

It appears there is an official topic for Taxiway lights, but not for Markings… I think it would make Infinite Flight that much better if there were signs on the taxiways (ex: Alpha, Foxtrot, etc.) If the controllers could tell pilots “Example 1, taxi via Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta to runway 01, contact tower when ready.” It would simply would make navigation and realism generally better. I could totally understand this being Only on the expert server. Because if this were at LAX TS1… ya you get it. Air Force 1 taxi via Bravo… taxis on the grass

If a mod decides Taxiway Signs


Taxiway Markings would be better, I’m cool with that.

This is a duplicate, I found millions of the same thing.

Just as I edit my post… those are all old it seems to me. “December 2015, August 2015”…

You’re correct. They’re old but this one is kind of more through. Mods decide though.

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There are other requests that have more information.