Taxiways and Pavements Flicker (Rendering Issues)

Device: iPhone XR
Operating system: iOS
Graphics: All Low
Airport: LEMD, but I did experience this at another airport too

Everything is flickering.

Started experiencing this today, thought I should report it since I don’t really see any reports about this specific issue on the forum. This seems different from the regular issue of the whole airport just disappearing. Instead, it’s just very fast and annoying flickering of pavement, taxiways, etc. It also seems when I go into the cockpit view, the taxiway line doesn’t render until I move around. Let me know if this has been reported before, I’ve been unable to find something of this exact nature.

Notes: I restarted the phone, restarted the app, and also cleared my scenery cache, to no avail. I remember when I had this happen earlier today (before this instance), I believe it had somehow fixed itself, but I have no clue how (and now it started again).

For your convenience (easier to show than tell), here are 2 videos below, one pre-troubleshooting and one post-troubleshooting.

Pre-troubleshooting: Rendering Issues (Pre-Restart) - YouTube
Post-troubleshooting: Rendering Issues (post-troubleshooting) - YouTube - I don’t see any difference

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This is not an issue, you simply reduced your graphics settings to a point where taxiways and pavements render les precisely. Try again with full graphics, and your “issue” will be fixed.

Also try with Anti-Aliasing if it isn’t on already

Hey, have you watched both videos? I don’t believe this is the issue, as the flickering literally makes all the taxiways disappear and reappear (I don’t recall having this issue in the past with low graphic settings). Also, I can’t want to increase my graphics settings or turn on anti-aliasing b/c of my old phone

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I have yes, I previously had this issue on my old phone aswell, but as soon as I turned the graphics up, issue was resolved.

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I think you’re right that turning the graphics up will fix the issue, but this is still definitely an issue for lower graphics, it is definitely unintended behavior that lines are constantly disappearing and reappearing. Also, to reiterate, there is heavy pavement flickering too, and when I go into cockpit view, sometimes no taxiway lines can be seen until I move my camera. I wouldn’t consider this not an issue, since it actually impacts gameplay (such as making it harder to taxi). I understand that the rendering gets worse on low settings, but this is really extreme.

The weird part is, I think this only started yesterday even though I’ve been on low graphics for quite a while now. Increasing graphics can’t really be considered a real solution considering that not all devices can support it (mine being one of them, I’m trying to reduce crashes to a bare minimum).

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The weirdest part is now the problem has fixed itself… again. Though, I have a hunch that it might start happening again.

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Hey, could you check out this video - it shows a landing with the runway disappearing and reappearing quickly after touching down? Is this the same graphics issue as before? I believe it’s the same as I was also having issues on the ground like my other videos have shown, but I’m not 100% sure. It’s weird how it happens sometimes and other times it doesn’t, perhaps also something to do with a network connection? More Issues - YouTube - ignore the bad landing haha and watch what happens when I touch down on the runway. It’s so weird why that’s happening when I’m on the runway, but when I’m off of it, it’s no longer happening. And is it really a graphics issue? It’s pretty confusing