Taxiways and airport not loading while playing

Today, I experienced this really out of the blue.
• I was flying from Jakarta to Sydney normally. Everything was fine and all is great.
• On short final, I see a red exclamation mark ❗️, when I tapped it was global server: no more information available. I was wondering what’s wrong

• When I landed, I was surprised to see that no taxiways were loaded 😳. ATC was telling me to expedite and I in shock, actually took longer to exit.
(Someone behind me had to go - around. Sorry if your seeing this).
• After I exited, the runway, I wanted to take screenshots, but I started experiencing extreme lag. I’ve never seen that before. I was keep all my settings at high and I have never experienced lag. It was almost getting unplayable.

• I thought my IF was going to crash (which I have never experienced after 19.1) and due to that fear, I forgot to take screenshots.

• Right after I somehow managed to get myself parked at a gate, other aircraft started floating 😳. And even the airport (there were no taxiways already) was also gone(the concrete too disappeared). I was only parked on sand at this point.

• I wanted to end my flight now. When I clicked on end flight, the app immediately crashed. As soon as I clicked that button, the app crashed.

• The surprising thing is that when I want to open the app again, it crashes too 😳. I cannot even open the app now 😕.

I’m able to open it now after a restart

did you clear cache?

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Yes and still the same (in terms of lag)

does this happen in one airport or multiple airports?

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About the airport not loading: I’m not sure as I only experienced in this Sydney now. I’m not sure if I do another flight and I experience the same during arrival.

About the lag: No, not at every airport. I don’t experience lag even at heavy traffic airports. I experienced it only today at Sydney

What your storage on your device that has Infinite Flight?

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Like MJP just asked, both your available storage and your internet connection are going to be the greatest factors for scenery not loading. It is recommended to have at least 2GB of storage free for Infinite Flight.

As far as the app crash, you could try lowering your aircraft count in your settings. Be sure to restart your device before every flight to keep things fresh.


This sounds like a case of IFLLC-induced COVID-19 (Carrying Out Violent Initiatives (by) Development). Essentially, Infinite Flight has plagued your device to become uncooperative.

Jokes aside, in addition to the replies/suggestions above, it is possible that the red exclamation mark may have indicated issues connecting to the server, despite no further information appearing on your end. This is a common cause of taxiways/other aircraft disappearing. I do not know of any solutions (in the event that this is the issue) besides the ones mentioned above.

I hope this helps!

On a more serious note, my acronym for COVID-19 (which took me way longer to make than it should’ve) is not meant to be taken literally. It was a complete joke, and I understand that COVID is not a small hiccup in today’s world. My heart goes out to anyone who has been affected by the virus.


Total 32gb

Thank you! And I only have 600MB left so it could be it 😅

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I didn’t even understand the joke at first 😂

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I’ll try doing a flight later after your suggestions!

I’m concerned as to how long this took you to make…


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