Taxiway Signs

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I would really love to see taxi way lights first because im taxing over any taxi way at night 😂😂😂

I agree, and as @EdCruz pointed out, the drag-and-taxi feature would not give a substantially increased workload for the ground controllers, whilst organizing the chaotic mess which is ground today… :)

As you say, it’s a lot easier with the communication on VATSIM, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible here!


This would be good but we would need airport charts maybe in the map

For sure bumping this with the announcement of 3D. This would make the airport experience so much more realistic. The only issue with this is that we need taxiways to be labelled first (obviously).


Completely agreed! I would love to see this implemented. It would be also easier to navigate around airports! fingers crossed


pleaseee i hope this will happen, wil clear a vote right now!

Honestly, this is a much needed feature! Since 3D buildings are being developed taxiway signs add more realism to the simulator!


Oh yes this would be nice and more realistic :D

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Underrated topic, needs more love


this Topic clearly is under rated. sadly i am out of votes but i am supporting this.

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You had my vote :D

WE Really need taxi lights.

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This is a great idea! Although it would make ATC’s job MUCH harder and would probably be on advanced servers like Expert only.

Just voted! This would be so helpful to have especially if you are taxiing through a big airport such as KATL or KORD.

I believe (?) this is asking for 3D taxiway signs. Would definitely enjoy seeing this added in the near future as another addition to the 3D object portfolio!

Great suggestion! It will be more immersive for both pilots and ATC controllers!

putting this in with:

would be perfect, and would solve the issue of overloading the atc

I found it convenient tbh, I don’t know what is the difference tho between this one and

With the recently announced changes to the feature request category, this feature no longer meets the following criteria:

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