Taxiway Signs

Pleas give taxiways names then the ATC can say how you most taxi


Exactly for example taxi to delta 1 hold short charlie


An ATC can’t (Won’t have time) give you taxi way instructions.
This would make the ATC’s job a bit thougher and make Ground Frequency harder (It is currently the easiest along with Departure). This would require taxiway names at all airports which is difficult


this should be on the advanced server though


Bit the ATC not most say how the airplanes most taxi only if they have time

That would be practical if the ATC and the pilots had an airport map with all the taxiways and names.


In the real world they also have time and maybe the devs can make it easy to use here on the app


True indead @DS2001

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how didficult it can be? It is just like the other Commands maybe it is possible to add a map with Duits and then you must click on the dots and then click on sent and the pilit Will know how to taxi

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You know what @DS2001 ? That was actually a thought that crossed my mind. Brilliant idea!!! But if it is implemented, lets all be sure that the maps have a terrain map option in them. That’s important!

I think you should be able to click on an aircraft then type on taxiways names (they would be on the map) to choose the aircrafts route of the airport

That’s not such a bad idea @Belfast_spotter, but in IF people are normally always in a stupid rush, and are too eager to take off, they probably won’t abide by the taxiway names. Also, it would take time for the ground ATC in question. And in LAX, ground has a lot of traffic to deal with, and very little time. But still a good idea @Belfast_spotter!


Like taxiway Tango at SeaTac when that Alaska 737 landed on it

IF ATC maps now being added. See

Example: KORD


I am not sure but there aren’t holding points right?

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I think Scandinavia answered your question. Did that help?

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Great idea. Not sure how practicle it would be for Infinite Flight.

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It would teach everyone not to taxi on Van Wyck Expwy at KJFK

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This would be good, so more people can control frequencies of an airport. Normally, a person would control tower and ground but with this ground will be as big (or close) to the tower frequency

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