Taxiway Signs

I have been for a long time asking for more simplified taxiway navigation in IF, and here is another way to improve it. Taxing in IF is extremely difficult because you almost always have to pull up navigation while you are taxing, which could result in speed violations, accidentally crossing runways without verification, etc. Also, at airports like KLAX, where there are four runways, two sets of ramps, and only one taxiway between them. We need signs like this to prevent problems:

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Let me know what y’all think.

Feel free to vote here :)

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This is not about ATC. Just navigation.

I think that would be pretty cool! But to hard for controllers to learn, and hard to add in the signs accurately.

The taxiway signs are used both to help ATC and pilots navigate.

The ATC does not need to learn it…it is just a way for pilots to navigate more easily.

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It doesn’t HAVE to be that way in IF…

@SimCaptain There is a feature for this that was already linked, but this has way more content than the the other, so why don’t you message a mod and see what they think

Either way it’s the same thing. Please vote on the topic above.

Please vote in the original topic. No need to get fancy, a sign is a sign.