Taxiway Separation (please be sensible!)

Hello there,

Many will have noticed that some among us seem to be rather interested in our APU vent (our aircraft’s behind). This has led to very close taxi separation. Not just in TS1 but also in EXPERT server, people have been getting rather too close!

This image was taken by me on the expert server at KSAN today.

Now I for one do not want a cockpit in my backside!

Please don’t flag for that

Firstly, let me just state that there are no international rules on taxi separation. In China they have 50 m while everywhere else leaves it to pilot common sense. I RECOMMEND ABOUT 30 - 40m.

Here we have a 747 and an A320 For demonstration purposes I was on casual server

This is wrong. Although I am not touching him this is still out of order. Some seem to think that if it ain’t touching it’s okay!

THIS is the ideal distance. Not too far, but not up their tailpipe.

In Conclusion, please understand that there should be a descent amount of distance between 2 aircrafts when taxiing. Let’s say 30 - 40m.

Do you think this should be shorter or longer? Leave you opinion in the comments.



If it wasn’t busy the controller could do more in this situation, the issue is when controlling you can’t see planes fully loaded until the camera is up close to them. If this is seen though they will get warnings and if they fail to respond accordingly and repeatedly do it then they will be ghosted so it’s in their best interests that they follow your guide.


People like sniffing APU’s nowadays… #Trendy 😂

But on a serious note, if they taxi into you and there is active ATC they could give the the user warnings and ultimately ghost him/her, who taxied into you.
I do agree with your post, keep a distance folks, some get to close for my taste and i’m afraid they’ll taxi through me eventually as they won’t be able to stop in time…


Even if it is a little cramped the one thing that bugs me is people putting themselves in a position where my/someone else’s wing will clip them when they inevitably taxi by

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On a further note, if u spawn in a heavy in a gate that is clearly not big enough for you and the plane next to you, please set aside your ego and move

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Or this app called VirtualHub where it tells you what gates are for normal/heavy/super planes @speedbirdheavy

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Wing clipping happens also when bigger aircraft try to squeeze into a gate where smaller planes are supposed to at…

But if we are talking about taxiway then those with a 787 or bigger should maintain a safe distance. Some people have no intention or time to wait and has very little patience and therefore try to pass you and in that process they clip your wing or tail with their wingtip.

As i very often fly big airliners on major long haul routes, i see other do the same but i’ve learned have a space between me and others, while others just smash their wings in to my tail cuz i might be blocking a intersection due to various reasons, not deliberately though. I might’ve got the instructions to do or i was a following a plane who happened to suddenly stop and there i am in the middle of the taxiway intersections and the guy to the left think it’s cool to cut my tail of…?

I don’t get mad because of this but if this were real life then you’d be robbed on your license and on top of that we are talking about Expert, let’s try to keep things at least above semi-realistic, and the basics knowledge in our possession. The basics that you should’ve learned while you were in the playground… TS…! And heck it is common sense not to taxi into someone or clip their tail of…

Learn to be patient guys!
If your are in a hurry then i suppose you don’t fly, rather take deep breath and think about why you are on Expert.


I might as well add that some people taxi a bit too fast making their stoppage time minimum and therefore they end up in close proximity to the aircraft in front of them.

Especially when in line, when people begin to move, sometimes, very few people i’ve seen, maximizes their engine power to get some speed and then end up not being able to stop in time making a fool out of themselves by taxiing into somebody’s… APU! #StillVeryTrendy 😎

See my first post for APU reference ;) 👆


@DeerCrusher you should pin this. It seems important.

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The first picture really irks me when I see an American 777 and a Saudi Arabia plane at KSAN. Anways, what a good reminder for us all! I try and use my camera views to maintain a solid separation from others.


I hate taxiing when there are others at the airport I’m at. Every single one that ends up behind me stuffs their nose right up on my APU. I seem to be one of the very few that maintains a healthy distance from aircraft ahead, keeps the whole aircraft clearly behind hold short lines and taxis at a responsible speed while monitoring the movement area around me and looking for conflicts.

Good reminder that unfortunately I’m sure will go unheeded.


I don’t understand why people think this does anything. It doesn’t get them to the runway or their gate any faster, and just like driving a car it just pisses the pilot of the other plane off. Same with holding short. No part of your aircraft can cross the line, it’s not just the nose wheel. And it’s ok to leave a bit of space, it won’t make a difference. Also at intersections, don’t pull right up to their wing. If there is a taxiway hold short line, use it. It is there to provide a stopping point for aircraft where they shouldn’t be a problem for crossing traffic. Please be mindful and patient when taxiing, you’ll get there eventually and as I said before, it will most likely be the same time no matter how much space you leave.


I always try to maintain a 20-30 meter separation depending on aircraft. I do believe ATC just ghosts users who hit people. Though there was a case where I hit someone and it was because I was very laggy and pressing brake didn’t work for a few seconds. I then immediately back up. ATC recognized this as a accidental mistake. It would be nice if people would be more cautious in this area. We also need to remember not to use much thrust when taxiing as there is less stopping time when going 30% verses 15%.

My dads a pilot, and I asked him this question, he said try to keep the amount of space between you and the aircraft in front of you to around the size of a scesna 172.

Notice how none of the people who do this have commented on this post…


Also be careful is all the aircraft degenerate due to network stuff, I plowed through a few people becuais of that on accident and tyler made sure I knew about that with a little gohsting 😂

I can’t even count how many times this has happened to me. Someone thinks that I’m going to speed up because they want to rush to the runway even though it ain’t moving anywhere because if it is moving we got bigger issues. But people just don’t care, and the ones who do it will probably stop but most will keep doing it.

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I absolutely hate when I am taxing, and all of a sudden find a B747 sniffing my APU. Hopefully this comes to an end. I think I’d be cool if people got a Violation of some sort if they got to close to the tail of the aircraft in front of them. Just an idea though 😀😉

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What i usually do is if an aircraft despawns, i give it about 5-10 minutes before replacing their spot

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You should make a feature request!