Taxiway/runway markings

It would be great if we had taxiway markings on IF. It would be very useful when the visibilty is low or maybe if FDS is going to add thunderstorm etc.
Here is a video which gives you some info about runway markings:


I swear we have most of these markings do we not?, or have I just imagined it


It’d be nice if controlers could also tell you which taxiways to use


We can put taxiway signs for airports, but the problem is that those do not render ;)


I mean the red/white yellow/black ones which indicates on which taxiway you are etc. It would be very nice for people who wants to play IF as realistic as possible

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That will be great 👍🏻 if we have in the future . In my opinion .

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This would be really usefull and helpful, not sure but I sometimes get lost in the airports and Its really tricky to find the right way. And maybe an opinion to switch it on and off would be nice too!

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I picture that controllers tell you what to use, and you have an option (think of the “progressive taxi” in FSX) that shows you where to go.

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That’s why we are adding taxiway lights ;)

Blue - Edge Lights
Green - Centerline Lights
Green/Amber - Hold-Short Centerline Lights
Amber - Hold-Short Lights
Pulsing Amber - Hold-Short Lights
Red - Boundary Lights


Lights on taxiways would be very useful wen flying on night setting due to low visibility.

Also I agree with the markings as maybe the ATC could tell you to taxi to rwy ‘xx’ via ‘x’ hold short ‘xx’. Just an idea to make it more realistic.

Duplicate. These will come with time.