Taxiway question

Can I turn like this:

On the taxiway?

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Yes, you can I’m almost certain I don’t see why not if an aircraft is able to make that turn. :)

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Well, It depends on you. If you are in expert, you should NOT. Training your choice. if you are in casual, knock yourself out.

Thanks! It was my first time at Newark and the taxi lines were intersecting a lot so I got confused!

What do you do if you have to turn then???

I will send you a screenshot. :)


Why should I? This is a question i have regarding real world procedures, not a problem with the sim🤔

This doesn’t belong under #support


Hi this should help


This Is what I mean :)

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Thats What I do, But It is your choice :)

Well here at JFK it is standard to turn with 90 degree markings

I think the question has been answered already, just clarifying here :)

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Thanks! Have a flight tommorow and didn’t want to look dumb

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Glad you found the answer. Just an FYI, some airports like Newark don’t have those nice curved lines like @Cap_J showed in the picture above. If that is the case, you can turn on those 90 degree lines as if they were curved.

However, some airports like LAX (I believe) have both. It that is the case, you want to try an always use the curved lines for turns unless it is necessary to use the “90 degree turns”

I know your question was already answered but just thought I would add this little part for future reference. Happy Flying! or should I say taxing



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