Taxiway Overspeed Warning On Runway

Hey all, now I know this has been a previous issue so there might be a help section for it (I couldn’t find it) but I just landed at NZQN from YSSY and around 5 - 10 seconds after touchdown I received the taxiway overspeed warning (on the expert server) so I immediately quite the flight but why did it say it when I wasn’t on or near a taxiway?


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Sounds a bit strange, I land at NZQN quite regularly with my other Kiwi Mates and we haven’t encountered this problem

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Did you land early (before the threshold)? I believe that was the issue on the last post about this topic.

Hey James!

Although this happens very rarely, it can happen. It’s an incorrect message. You haven’t received a violation, it was just a warning. For the future, you don’t have to quit your flight because of this. It takes a little moment until you get that overspeed violation so you should have enough time to decrease your speed. And if you’d ever get a violation because of something like that, you can just contact a moderator and we’ll figure something out.

Clear your scenery cache, restart the app and you should be good 😊


Nope directly on the sim point as usual

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Are rightio, thanks for that!