Taxiway "Names"

Hey guys, to start off, this could go in either the #features category, or the ATC category, so I am just going to put it here for now. Feel free to move it if you feel so inclined. Anyways, to the point.
I am a bit confused on why taxiway names aren’t labeled on the map, now that the map has the taxiways laid out. It would be a lot easier for controllers to communicate on HOW to get to the assigned runway to the pilots. for example, All Nippon 195 Heavy, Taxi to runway to 22R via Juliet, Tango, Cross 31R, contact tower when ready. And I see a counterclaim coming- “but this would take too long for controllers to assign individual taxi routes for each aircraft.” my argument to that is that Infinite Flight could add a new feature for controllers where they could drag a taxi route on the charts. , as a vatsim controller, I give taxiway routing to people all the time, and i understand that because I am using my voice it is easier, but then again, they could always implement the “drawing a taxi route.” thanks everyone for reading!

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