Taxiway Names

It would be great if they could add this feature to Infinite Flight! It would add a whole new level of realism to the simulator. ATC Controllers should be able to assign Pilots a route to taxi to either the runway or parking by via Alpha, Delta, Whiskey ect… like in real life. This would also help events be more organized as pilots would know exactly which taxiways to use.

Hopefully IF can add this soon as it is probably not that hard because the letters would just be fixed beside each taxiway. They would have to add new ATC commands to give pilots their taxi route.

Thank you!

I think this is a duplicate. Lmk if I’m wrong

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I’m afraid this is a duplicate ,another one was made and is pretty much what u r proposing along with an airport map


Yep. There is one of the many of them, lol. Theres also one about a drag feature

Hello Alex!

Thanks for your post today, but like @AsternAviation said; This is a duplicate

Airport taxiways and Gates

Now, he’s the deal - It’s 2 years old, so, I’ve flagged the other one. but from now on, please ask a Moderator to close the original one first :)