Taxiway Markings

I like this, along with a detailed airport map when you spawn in kind of like X-Plane 11.

Just flag the main post if you’d like it closed, the mods will take care of the rest.

@Omari_Joseph… Joseph I’m surprised at you. I should give you a Peanut for supporting a Peanut idea. Been into that Rum jug again have you. “Shorter Sticks” , LOL.


Wow your really good at photoshop, love the idea my friend


Just to help draw this to a conclusion. Not only would this functionality need to be created, someone (NOT me!) would need to go in to each and every airport and place these labels at exactly the right spot! Having just edited 1000+ airports to bring all of the gates up to the new spec I do not think we would have the appetite to open up all these airports to add all of these tags. They don’t come free and they would need to be appended to each airport.

I suggest this wish should be closed.



No, we already have enough green sticks comming out of the ground.

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I really like this idea. It would have A off switch right?

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  • Yes, I like it.
  • No, I don’t like it.

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Sure do a poll. Who is going to edit all of those airports and add all of the tags so that you can see the green flags. They do NOT exist in the current airport models. This is not going to happen.

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I understand.

Poll’s above.

This is a great concept, but it directly conflicts with ways that Airport Editors design airports. This would require us (as Kilt stated up above) to go back through and add labels for each and every taxiway to every one of the over 1000 airports that we have completed, and would require us to accurately place each of these markers one by one, because they are not already in there. I can guarantee you that the rest of the Airport Editing team will not be in favor of doing this, as this would take hours upon hours of work.


i understand. I hope that everyone understands that I am not requiring this to go into the game. It’s just an idea that could evolve into something else.


This is not a game it is a simulator. Many people treat this app to be as realistic to real flight that you can get via a phone or tablet. That is the reason why the concept, although a very nice one for a video game, doesn’t quite fit into the Flight simulator genre. In real life you need to study charts etc before you take off so that you know where you are going. Please do not be disappointed by my comments.


I understand and fully agree.

@Maxmustang hey Max…hahahaha…every once in a while we all do fall off the “RUM” wagon,it’s a new year and sober now,my ears were burning when i wrote that,hence the clap back at me…lol…You’re Welcome


Hope to see Training Peanuts after we land, ask to exit on the first taxiway exit of the runway, the one that we missed all

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It could also include details of closed taxiways or preferred taxi route to stop people from getting lost…

before we have taxiway markings, we would need to have specific taxiways implemented. Would require something like progressive taxi markings though.

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Gotta have this, would make taxiing much easier