Taxiway Markings

And for ATC they could have a map showing all of the taxiways and terminals so the pilots and ATC could coordinate.

I think it would be better off on a map or with 3D signs on the grass rather with this ugly clutter. I know it would be helpful but it does not look nice.


I understand. I have heard that it is hard to have 3D buildings on mobile but the map makes sense.

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I mean like the ones in real life. I understand they would be hard to produce.

It should say if its ALPA or BRAVO ect.

that is a great idea but please 1 feature per topic
No more than 1 picture per feature request (preferably in the initial post) @Pilot_SK

As mentioned in the other post on gate names, this proposal although nice is unrealistic. Cameron has produced an app that lets you see where you are at an airport in real time. All of the taxiways and runways are shown as well as the gated and other players on that server. Why not download Live Flight!


It’s fine in this case.


@Pilot_SK… MaxSez: 2 Topics on Taxiways which are covered in runway/taxiway markings thus dups! Plus a ridiculous idea to plaster airports with little Poles with Airline Names in case you get lost going to the Gate. Congratulations Pilot you are selected for 2017 Peanut #3.;



How do I close this?

i think its a good idea,but say you land at Chicago…and those tall green sign are there,it makes everything look so busy and cluttered,maybe if they were a bit shorter,just saying…oh well

brilliant idea

I like this, along with a detailed airport map when you spawn in kind of like X-Plane 11.

Just flag the main post if you’d like it closed, the mods will take care of the rest.

@Omari_Joseph… Joseph I’m surprised at you. I should give you a Peanut for supporting a Peanut idea. Been into that Rum jug again have you. “Shorter Sticks” , LOL.


Wow your really good at photoshop, love the idea my friend


Just to help draw this to a conclusion. Not only would this functionality need to be created, someone (NOT me!) would need to go in to each and every airport and place these labels at exactly the right spot! Having just edited 1000+ airports to bring all of the gates up to the new spec I do not think we would have the appetite to open up all these airports to add all of these tags. They don’t come free and they would need to be appended to each airport.

I suggest this wish should be closed.



No, we already have enough green sticks comming out of the ground.

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I really like this idea. It would have A off switch right?

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  • Yes, I like it.
  • No, I don’t like it.

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