Taxiway Markings, Runway lights and Runway Markings?

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Before I start, Fellow regulars, I did not know what category to put this in. I decided on general but if it is wrong, move it and then let me know. Also, all, this is not a Feature request for more advanced signs and lights.

Ever since I started playing, I wondered what all the marking meant on IF. And with the new update, I am really getting confused. So, I think it is time I asked you guys!

Some things I want to know mainly (Still, please tell me other things)…!

-What function do the red and sometimes green lights at the end of the runway do and what do they mean?

-What do the ground markings mean and what should you do when you see them?

Other meanings are welcome!

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(From: _Lighting:)



Green = Start of runway
Red = End of runway
( I think )


Runway lights: Green means the runway is open, you can either take off or land on that end. Red light means the runway is closed, you should not take off from that end or land there.


Thanks for the replies!

Ground Markings


Another question, are you allowed to stop in ILS critical area?

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Hi guys I keep getting lost trying to find the runway when taxing when I have been to airports in real life they have signs on the the moment I just follow yellow lines and then scratch my head lol be grateful for help lol

Just wanted to bring this up as many people are struggling to find out what some markings mean. Also could people post some up to date diagrams.

Very sorry if this is necroposting

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I very much agree with you! I will change the title to something like What do the taxiway lines mean? Or How to understand taxiway markings and lights!

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This is fascinating! Thanks for sharing.