Taxiway markings incorrect at KLAX

Today, when I landed at KLAX on the expert server on 24R, I exited the runway and obviously had to cross runway 24L. However, the hold short markings on the taxiway were incorrect , allowing me to think I could taxi onto 24L which was an active takeoff runway. There was an aircraft on the roll so I tried to stop which I did . I didn’t know which topic to put this in but I thought it should be changed to avoid unfair ghostings.

I was wondering if a taxi way editor could change this, thanks

This airport was just redone/updated/fixed by @Moritz

The holds appear correct as they are meant for one direction of traffic in this case it would be the opposite of how you are moving.

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Ok thank you the other hold closer to 24R might have been solid and meant for me to hold short of which I didn’t realise so thank you

The markings are placed and chosen based on images from sources such as Google Earth so I’m confident that Moritz implemented the markings into the IF version just as it would be in real life :)

The markings should be correct in the version I edited, IF has some bugs when it comes to holds so they are flipped in the sim