Taxiway Markings at YSSY

Earlier, I was flying in the Sydney region. I was taxiing around YSSY, and I saw some really unusual taxiway markings - on the grass:
My questions are:
Should these be here?
Are they painted on the grass in real life? (Assumingly not)
Does everyone have these?

I wasn’t sure whether to put this in #support or #general, as I have had this constantly - I have left it here in General.
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Sorry if this is a duplicate, I searched and I couldn’t find anything.


Sorry I don’t know, ask airport creators!(I think it’s a mistake)

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The white lines are not for aircrafts, the mark roads.
And no, they are not on grass irl, but the grafics around the airports are not detailed enough.


These lines are supposed to be a road, just like in real life. :)


I believe it’s a road in real life.

Edit : Adrien already beat me to it =P


Oooooooohhhhh, thank you so much for explaining!

Hope we’ll get them rendered as roads in global.


They are roads but have no surface under them, I’ll see if I can get this fixed.

@Lamborghini_Life they won’t be rendered as roads unless there is a surface under them.