Taxiway maps?

Hi, I was recently flying to EGLL from KLAX and a stop off in KJFK on the expert server in an MD-11, I try to keep things professional so I needed to get to a gate and needed to navigate the taxiways. in short, I had to Google it click on a website and then after 2 to 3 mins of trying to find it, I found it! but at a cost, as I had actually accidentally ignored the game and the ATC was telling me for the third time to contact KJFK tower. I fear I may have been ghosted had I wasted a moment longer. to save us the trouble of googling a taxiway, would it be possible for the devs to make a feature in which if you clicked on the globe icon (bottom left) twice you could be able to search for the taxiway map. And after which, you found the map you could save it to the pad on the bottom left of your aircraft cockpit. this photo of the MD-11 as you can see on the ar right a screen, I was thinking that we would put the taxiway there

or in this B787-8 you can see on the bottom left another screen.

I think that this is a good idea that could with time be a great new feature to this brilliant simulator game


You asked the exact same question earlier.

It would be a good idea. There are similar items in #features you can vote for or wait until you hit trust level 2 and make your own.


I have created a similar feature for it

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Something you can try is running the If Flight Tracker app. which ever version is for you OS. and going to satellight map view veiw and zooming in. Your AC will show superimposed on the real airport image so you can see your general position. I (just a thought) study and have airport diagrams on a separate device fir the destination airport and a alternate. I used to print these diagrams and keep them in a 3 ring binder but this is costly. My thoughts only perhaps there is another better way to taxi. Including taxiway signage would a tough task for IF airport dev’s if not impossible ??
Not my area of knowledge. (still have fingers crossed to see taxiway night lighting someday or someday nor.)

You can try Virtual Hub as I normally utilise it for almost every flight but not all airports are included or up to date.

I use LiveFlight to navigate and to find correct parkings on airports. (on a separate device)



Hoped this one would gather steam

I know people are saying to use LiveFlight and other third party apps but we really shouldn’t have to have another device running at the same time.

instead of leaving it last minute then prepare at the start of the flight or during cruise. this lowers the chance of you getting ghosted.

also i just google charts for airports.

Please vote for the Separate View For Taxiway Maps request if you wish.