Taxiway Map

LiveFlight does that too :)


And hats why you are an awesome developer :)

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It’s part of the paid subscription though. :(

From a free app that took ages to build and costs me a lot to maintain :/


And you wouldn’t be able to do this if you didn’t have the liveflight Horizon

I don’t know why this is still a feature request (for the Infinite Flight app), because your app-Cameron: LiveFlight for iOS - now available on the App Store for free! is amazing 😍

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Yes but this is inside the app (aka while your taxiing)

Having separate apps saves storage in your phone as well 😉

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Cheers, glad you like it :)

@Aussie_Wombat I’m bringing it over to the web version too, the plan being that (if you have a PC available), you can use it there too. Hopefully more on this soon if I get the chance to wrap it up.


taxi to runway Google01

Not true. That’s like saying if you download a movie from Netflix instead of downloading it from the App Store, you would save storage. That’s not the case. In fact, you would be sacrificing more storage because you need to have all of the 2nd app’s information stored as well. J/s

If you want IF to be realistic, let us pull them up in cockpit view so we can see what the heck we’re doing.


For one I agree @TheFlyingPankake, You guys are asking a lot when there is not a lot of terrain around to orient yourself. Two, what is a pilot supposed to do when they land and vacate the runway at a busy airport? Sit there just past the hold short line, looking for the terminal and gate holding up traffic? Three, I have seen real pilots not do what is being asked of player in IF. The planes of today have electronic maps of the airport for the pilots to look at, if you watch a cockpit video you may see one. I really think this a good idea and should be implemented just to add realism and make taxiing around easier.


I always have to go on normal view to navigate around or tail view

If you’re ever going to pass a check ride, you’ll first need to learn why a paper diagram is used instead of relying on electronics. Yes, the pilot is supposed to stop after exiting the runway to figure out where he/she is going if they don’t already know. You don’t just taxi wherever you want at the airport. You get very clear and specific instructions from the ground controller so that you can get to the terminal you requested.

I don’t want this to get off topic, clearly some of you do not feel that we need this as badly as others. I leave it at that.

In other words you are asking for a progressive taxi to the active runway.

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Without the need for a controller to tell them left and right, straight down etc. Frequency can get too busy for that and this suggestion was to assist pilots.

No extra human work is required, just let rhe pilots follow the red line. Like the landing aid, pilots do not need to make sure they are following the glideslope and localizer, just follow the red boxes.

If you want realism you will have your own set of charts already selected and read over. You will have done your homework. THAT is realism. Yes sure having Cameron’s app available on the HUD showing you where all the gates are would be nice or even convenient.

Bottom line if you want to see

  1. Ground Charts for EVERY airport all in one place
  2. Gate sizes
  3. who is currently where on the ground

Spend the money and get LiveFlight Horizons.

Let’s say they add this into the app. Guess what. You would have to pay more in your subscription anyway!

What are you waiting for?

In my case I’d just like a ground chart just for the big and complicated airports like KLAX and EHAM and a “your plane does not fit in the gate you are in” alarm/tool.