Taxiway lines

Hello, just a quick question,
Do I have to always follow the taxiway lines? When crossing a runway, can I only cross where there is a dotted taxiway. At KJFK, there are some places where I have to do a 90 degree turn to get lined up on the taxiway. When do I know if I can change taxiways? All those questions and no answers.

  1. Yes, always follow taxi lines.

Yes those 90° taxiways are fine, some just are all drawn as curves. If ever in doubt though, grab a chart before taxiing and plan ahead.


A general rule of thumb is to always follow taxi lines, but you do not have to cross a runway only when there is a dotted line


Thank you was very helpful

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What did you mean by “change taxiways”?

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Diamond qudand on est sur expert server c est juste l atc qui change ou non est ou avoir plan texi Stp

Also there’s some runway hold lines that are backwards but I bet the IF Team will get the straighten out, hold on! :)

Diamond when one is sure expert server it’s just the atc changing or not is where to have taxi plan Stp

What are you saying???

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