Taxiway lines in the Airport diagram

Sometimes the airport diagram (especially in bigs airports) doesn’t help me much, for example I can’t understand if an exact place is a taxiway or a taxiway in WIP etc. So in my opinion it would be perfect to have the taxiway lines in the diagram.Yes … it’s true there are some apps like Virtual Hub and Live Flight Horizon that give you a much more detailed airport diagram but it would be more practical to have it directly in the sim.

That would be nice in Low visibility situations while your taxiing.


That would make it more cluttered, and more confusing, don’t you think? There’s a fine line when you have too many vs just the right amount of lines to figure out where to go. If you stay between the lines on the current set up, you’re good to go.


Although it would be good on the large map in the normal cockpit map its too small and cluttered as DeerCrusher said I think there may be a better way for this possibly the minimap is visible on the outside or bottom view because on bottom view you can see the lines but its a free world. Good luck though!

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It would be confusing in the minimap, but in my opinion on the normal map absolutely not. Now I will give an example of why I think this feature should be there. I am in KORD and I am parked where the red circle is, I planned to take off from the 09L and therefore I also planned a route for the taxi.

Well the whole route I have just done is a Taxiway under construction, this means that it is not a Taxiway. So it’s very frustrating to go to the last point where the taxiway is located (orange circle) and Have to reschedule another taxiway route.

I agree with a little more Taxi help especially @ night, lighting is very dim. Being colorblind makes it more difficult and would like to recommend ( colorblind ) mode more like some of the PS4 games I play. Colorblind mode would help with the terrain mesh I experience with my seeing disability also on approach.

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Yes it could be good.

I honestly think we have enough lines already.

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But “generic” lines, it does not make you understand perfectly what area it is.

I know that real world pilots do not have taxi line guidance on their chart they’re using, and I think that’s what IF is trying to imitate.

It would obviously be a lot of work to add this, and consider this: at an intersection, if we had the lines you talked about, two taxiways would look more “dense” to the eye than it should be, and it will continue to strain a lot of devices (unless Metal happens).

For your example, I think you would have more options to get to 9L, don’t you think? Frankly you could’ve just walked the other way without any problems.

I have a question since we’re talking about taxiways and airport diagrams. Is there a website or app that can give me airliner terminal and gates?

That´s off topic. Search if such a topic is existant and search the internet. if you cannot find one you could consider making a topic. be sure to first check the forum AND internet good before clogging up the forum with a new post. Have a nice day @American_Ranger!

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Feel free to continue in this thread:

Not really because if you are in a big open area like where the gates are you could not know if you’re on a taxi way or not

I like this idea for the bigger map and maybe make an option for the taxiway lines to be bright color so differentiate what is taxiway vs the map is

This can be fixed very easily by cross-referencing with the airport/aerodrome chart. You can also check notams for the airport if you want to be even more realistic

yes, they don’t have them but the map is less confusing there

But not all people use them or if you find them on internet free problably it are not updated

Very true. Just do the best you can. I’ve noticed that usually has charts that are current at least in the current year for most airports. The US charts are easy because those are publicly available and current

Also, you answered your own question here. Just using the real charts will help

Yes (if you find them updated) but as I said before it would be perfect to have it directly in the simulator