Taxiway Lights


Y‘all can think whatever you want about FDS. There’s one thing for sure:

They have a great Digital Marketing Manager. Appreciate the little insight, thank you!

I think that the Taxiway Lights are something that we will see at some point later on. As far as I know FDS (I know they’re called differently now, but FDS is cool acronym) they’re very dedicated when it comes to performance.

There might be some important details missing in the game here and there but no one can complain about the performance. And I rather wait a little longer for a feature instead of having an experience like if I’d play GTA V on an old Macintosh. And if it’s as Jason wrote earlier, like that there would be tremendous performance issues at this point I won’t question that. They’re the devs. Everything I developed so far is a basic version of „Pong“. I think they know what they’re doing. Especially when it comes to performance.

So we wait, sing a song, fly around, try not to get ghosted, eat a cake, whatever. We had 6 updates last year. The last one a month ago. Time seems to fly. But it ain’t really that fast.


I’m not complaining I have made games myself no I don’t me small little flash games. I have dealt with development and seeing the limits of each different game engine and what a game is played on makes a massive difference I just want to better understand what they are seeing that I can’t as i dont want at all to touch the code of something I know nothing about.



Thank you so much for the follow-up. I think I might speak on behalf of almost everybody here that hearing even a little bit of something from the staff makes a tremendous impact on the faith we have in the team. Hearing anything rather than nothing at all really helps us remain hopeful that the staff is indeed listening to the client base, even if the information can’t be entirely solidified at that moment. Hope help keeps the dream alive! I respect you and the team that much more simply because of your diligent response 🙂

With regards to your information, I’m really excited to see what’s in store for 2019 and am hopeful that I’ll be looking forward to an exciting year!


pre global lights


My pleasure, Andrew. This info is out there on the forum but it’s spread around. I’ll be choosing topics like this one to blog about on our official blog. There are already some topics there that might interest you. 🙂


I agree 💯 on that I fill everybody pain about this


It’s a great idea, it will only improve on simulation!


Lights in aviation are very important.They are just like director.


Absolutely great if possible, on condition that it can work perfectly and not affect the FPS.


Even global as itself right now lags from time to time. Although I would love to see this function added, I don’t know if my device can hold up to it. Hehe.


I would love for this feature to be added because then the game experience will feel more real and those little things like detail are what make a game good.


@IceBlue I disagree with that. I am a GA pilot IRL and there have been times when I have had to taxi without lights at small private airports. It definetely makes it more difficult but it’s doable. My suggestion is go into cockpit camera and turn off the HUD. It makes seeing things a little bit easier because the screen is not super cluttered.


a great example on why to add Taxi lights this ted Stevens in Alaska In expert and I couldn’t see anything lol I wanted to taxi I couldn’t see the yellow lines


I love PANC too, but the fog is always terrible.


This feature request is going to hit 4 years in September. Hope to see good progress this year regarding lighting. Will be amazing to be able to fly in real time without having to change to noon when you are about to taxi! Haha


Yeah it’s been soon 4 years… Don’t they see we want this?? It’s been so long.


Fog really sucks on IF because when your taxing you can’t see where your heading


lighting would be amazing.

taxi lights
cockpit lighting (even minimal)
city night lighting (nothing super detailed)

don’t even get me started on adding weather.


Like on every long term feature request. It’ll come when it comes. We don’t want it rushed. Otherwise we’ll just complain about it being incomplete and broken


they simply can not have been spending 4 years on taxi lights, that’s absurd.